Get Fit With Jared – Episode 3 – Breaking Through

Get Fit With Jared

Episode 3 – Breaking Through

One of the things we all deal with when losing weight is getting through a plateau.  There’s no easy way to say it, they suck.  In the past I’ve hit plateaus when dieting and exercising and after a week or two I get frustrated and say screw it.  That’s in the past.  This time I’m taking advantage of my resources to hold myself accountable and also track my progress.  

I was excited last week when I hit the 25lbs lost milestone.  I started doing my DDP Yoga workouts on January 17th of this year and also just hit the two month milestone, however when I weighed myself over the last few days, I kept bouncing around between a couple different weights but just couldn’t break through to the next milestone.  I felt discouraged like before, but I took a moment after my workout today and I looked at my progress photos that I’ve been taking about once a month.

On my progress photos, I can see that I’ve definitely improved in my flexibility and although I’m not the incredible shrinking man, I can see where parts of my body, especially chest area, have firmed up.  I also began thinking about the fact that my pants are a lot looser than they used to be and my belt has a lot of excess slack that wasn’t there a few months ago.  Come to think of it, I’m probably buying a new wardrobe this summer (donate below!).  

The other important step here is taking a look at why I may be hitting a plateau.  Of course my body is adjusting to my daily workouts.  I’ve noticed my heart rate doesn’t spike nearly as high as it did when I started working out.  Instead of spending a majority of my workout in “peak” zone or higher, most of my time is in the “fat burn” zone and a little “peak” when the exercises get tough.  The biggest change that can be made though is found by looking at my food diary.  Last week I was a bit busier than expected and didn’t make the best food choices.  I made sure to keep track and stay at or just under my calorie goal, but some of the food I ate was higher in fat than I’d normally like and made it just a little harder to burn off the weight like I’d like.

If you’re on the same path as me to lose weight and get fit, I promise you’ll hit plateaus as well.  We all do.  The most important part is pushing through.  You’ve got this.  I believe in you and I’ll see you next time.


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